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Urban Toyz Blog

June 2010

My domain has changed. What do I need to do to connect it and do I need to change anything on my web pages?

 by demo on 11 Jun 2010 |
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To setup domain changes, in your admin panel go to settings, email and domains, domain names and follow the steps. Once you have done that, it may be best to 301 redirect your old domain to the new one. You must also delegate your domain to our host using the nameservers listed in your admin panel when adding your domain. If you have e-mails you wish to change, please ensure that all of your important e-mails are saved offsite and once you have done that you can add / delete from this area. Note that delegation of domain names can take up to 48 hours after you inform your domain hosting organisation. You will then need to go through your website through admin to ensure all links / hyperlinks point to your new site pages.

SEO kick start package request

 by demo on 11 Jun 2010 |
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Thank you for your SEO kick start package request. Over the next five days, one of our SEO experts will be anaylising and working on your site based on the 5 keyword phrases you have sent us. These phrases will be used to generate targeted sentences to help you rank better for these and many other keywords. You should expect an email within 5 days to finalise your request and inform you of what has been changed and what still requires work. During the 5 days, you can freely add products and any other pages to your website, please don't touch your header, footer, home page or store settings. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a representative today.

How do I copy data from Excel into the correct field in Access

 by demo on 11 Jun 2010 |
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We do not advise you to copy data into your Access database generally as it is better to ensure the data is in the correct format and without errors by entering it in manually. However, should you wish to copy data from Excel to Access, please:   Highlight the cells within the rows that you wish to copy (note the amount of cells - it's best to do small amounts) and press CTRL C on your keyboard Navigate to Access and click on bottom corner of the first cell where you want your data to go and drag down down to highlight the amount of cells you have noted above. Then on your keyboard click CTRL V to paste your data. Be sure to save your work and follow the database tips and rules on your admin page and in the help menu.

How can point my own domain name to my store?

 by demo on 11 Jun 2010 |
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There are two ways to point your own domain name to your store.   The first option is to delegate the domain to our servers by changing the nameservers from your domain name management panel i.e. the company where you purchased the domain from. Please get these nameservers from your store admin panel under Settings>domain and email>domains You can also choose to host your domain on an external server and create a cname to point your domain to your store. Please as a representative for the correct cname.
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